Industry Session Invited Speakers

It is our pleasure and honour to host the following invited speakers for the Industry Session.

How Enterprise Architecture can help Software Engineering

Photo of Glenn Smyth

Glenn Smyth
Fragile to Agile
Adelaide, Australia


The presentation will start by defining enterprise architecture and how it differs from solution architecture and software engineering. It will then describe a Business Capability Model, a core enterprise architecture design artefact and its different levels being executive, architecture and service. Each level will be described including context as to why the artefacts are so important for both enterprise and solution architecture.

Once the concept of a Business Capability Model has been discussed, the presentation will demonstrate how it can be used as a base onto which all other domains of design are overlaid e.g. Process, Data, Security and Infrastructure Architectures etc. Once this level of rigour has been applied to the model, it can then be used to answer key design issues of importance to software engineers including, but not limited to, data encapsulation, integration points, service granularity, process hierarchy, process to service boundary determination and business continuity needs.

Finally, the presentation will discuss the key topic of architecture governance and how adopting aspects of the Westminster system of government can lead to a more efficient and effective governance model. Specifically, it will cover how an appropriate set of practical, not motherhood, design principles can empower solution architects, support agile development processes and provide software engineers with clear boundaries within which they have the freedom to innovate.

Speaker’s Bio

Glenn Smyth is celebrating his twenty seventh year in the IT industry. During that time, he has worked in nearly all areas of IT from programming and database administration through to program management and IT architecture before settling as an Enterprise Architect. He has spent the past 12 years specialising in enterprise architecture, component based development, business process management and service oriented architecture.

Glenn is the founder and chief evangelist of Fragile to Agile, a dedicated architecture practice launched in 2009, which clients include ME Bank, SA Power Networks, Hills Industries, IP Australia, Macquarie Bank, Teachers Health Fund, MyBudget, Electranet, RAA, Internode, BAE Systems, Flinders University and Department of the Environment and Resources. Prior to this, Glenn was Chief Architect at (Bendigo and) Adelaide Bank and preceding that, Chief Architect of the Australian Tax Office’s $1B change program to refresh its IT systems and services. He also sub contracted to CSC to develop the architecture for a new Patient Administration System implementation at SA Health and acted as Program Manager and Chief Architect for a A$80M refresh of technology systems at SolMelia in Spain, the third largest hotel chain in the world.

With typical Irish wanderlust, Glenn worked at 35 sites on three continents as an independent consultant before finally settling in Adelaide, South Australia to launch Fragile to Agile Pty Ltd.

Engineering an Entrepreneurial Software Architecture

Photo of Anna Liu

Anna Liu


This presentation shares my experience and insights into the ‘Myths around building a Hi-Tech company, going from Research to startup to a viable Commercial software company’. I will share my personal experience of my journey travelling as Lead Researcher at UNSW/NICTA – to – Chief Architect/CTO of a small startup – to – General Manager of Unitrends, a Global Commercial software Company in the data protection industry. I will share how ‘Engineering a Resilient yet Agile Software Architecture’ that is aimed at ‘Pivot to capture commercial Value’ has been the core to this entrepreneurial venture success, and hints at some repeatable Entrepreneurial Software Architecture patterns.

Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Anna Liu is the director of advanced cloud research and development at Unitrends, where she sets the strategic direction for the company’s cloud-based products. Prior, Liu was the founder and CEO of Yuruware, a startup focused on providing market-leading cloud-based backup and disaster recovery offerings, which was acquired by Unitrends in 2014. Before that, she was a research group leader of software systems at National ICT Australia, where she led a team of more than 80 people to deliver game-changing research results, software technologies and methods targeting both enterprise and embedded systems. Liu has also worked at Microsoft as a principle architect and group manager for Web and cloud technologies, as well as CSIRO, where she was a senior researcher and R&D manager.

Unlocking the value from Big Data: Practical use cases from various sectors

Photo of Sanjay Mazumdar

Sanjay Mazumdar
Adelaide, Australia


The Data To Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC), a collaboration between government, industry and academia was established to tackle the Big Data challenges of defence and national security. Through an Innovation Exchange program, the D2D CRC is also looking to address Big Data challenges in sectors other than national security such as health, marketing, manufacturing and agriculture. This presentation will present some real world use cases on the application of Big Data analytics across these sectors and provide some insights into where capability gaps remain.

Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Sanjay Mazumdar is the CEO of the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre, a collaboration between Government, Industry and Academia established to tackle the Big Data challenges of Defence and National Security. Sanjay has also been the CEO of the Defence Systems Innovation Centre, Head of Engineering for BAE Systems Australia, Operations Manager at Motorola Australia and Research Scientist at the Defence Science Technology Organisation. Sanjay is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Chartered Professional Engineer.

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