Welcome and First Keynote

On day 2 we opened the main conference and had the first keynote speaker.

Session 1 - Software Verification and Validation (I)

"A Test Harness for Networked Mobile Applications and Middleware", Andrew Meads, Habib Naderi, and Ian Warren

"Multiple Bug Spectral Fault Localization Using Genetic Programming", Lee Naish, Neelofar and Ramamohanarao Kotagiri

"Spatio-Temporal Architecture-Based Framework for Testing Services in the Cloud", Huai Liu, Maria Spichkova, Heinz  Schmidt, Timos Sellis and Matt Duckham

"A Datalog Source-To-Source Translator for Static Program Analysis: An Experience Report", Bernhard Scholz, Kostyantyn Vorobyov, Padmanabhan Krishnan and Till Westmann

"Using Metamorphic Testing to Improve Dynamic Symbolic Execution", Eman Alatawi, Tim Miller and Harald Sondergaard

"Generalized Suffix Tree based Multiple Sequence Alignment for Service Virtualization", Jean-Guy Schneider, Peter Mandile and Steve Versteeg

Session 2 - Software Architecture, Design, Modeling and Visualization

"The PrimeGame Revolutions: A cloud-based collaborative environment for teaching introductory programming", Jens  Dietrich, Johannes Tandler, Li Sui and Manfred Meyer

"Distributed Open Source Software-Defined GPS", Anthony Arnold and Konstanty Bialkowski

"A Software Platform for Architectural Robots", Jan Olaf Blech, Ian Peake, Gwyllim Jahn and Roland Snooks

"A Lightweight Approach to Version Incompatibility in Service-Oriented Revision Control Systems", Jameel Almalki and Haifeng Shen

"An Ontology-Based Multi-Agent System to Support Requirements Traceability in Multi-Site Software Development Environment", Udsanee Pakdeetrakulwong, Pornpit Wongthongtham and Naveed Khan

"An Aspect-Oriented Feature Modelling Framework for Software Product Line Engineering", Lei Tan and Yuqing Lin

"Using State Machines for the Visualisation of Specifications via Refinement", Steve Reeves and Colin Pilbrow

"Performance Regression Testing on the Java Virtual Machine using Statistical Test Oracles", Fergus Hewson, Jens Dietrich and Stephen Marsland

Tuesday Lunch
Session 3 - Invited papers from ICSE'15

"Developing and Evaluating Software Engineering Process Theories", Paul Ralph

"Empirical Study Towards a Leading Indicator for Cost of Formal Software Verification", Daniel Matichuk, Toby Murray, June Andronick, Ross Jeffery, Gerwin Klein, Mark Staples

"How Much Up-Front? A Grounded theory of Agile Architecture", Michael Waterman, James Noble

Session 4 - Empirical Software Engineering (I)

"An Empirical Evaluation of Capture-recapture Estimators in Software Inspection", Shan Qi, Rong Guoping, Zhang He, Liu Gaoxuan and Shao Dong

"Code comprehension activities in Undergraduate Software Engineering course – A case study", Sai Krishna Sripada and Y. Raghu Reddy

"On Satisfying the Android OS Community: Users’ Feedback Still Central to Developers’ Portfolio", Sherlock A. Licorish, Amjed Tahir, Michael Franklin Bosu and Stephen MacDonell

"Software Architecture Decision-Making Practices and Challenges: An Industrial Case Study", Sandun Dasanayake, Jouni Markkula, Sanja Aaramaa and Markku Oivo

"The Impact of Hierarchies on the Architecture-level Software Understandability – A Controlled Experiment", Srdjan Stevanetic, Muhammad Atif Javed and Uwe Zdun

"Automating SmartPhone Automation: Enhancing User Experience with Behaviour Learning", Dhanish Semar, Ted Chen and Rashina Hoda

Session 5 - Software Programming (I) + Verification and Validation (II)

"Preprocessing Code Example For Searching", Duong Nhu and Caslon Chua

"Using “must” and “may” summaries to detect data races in Java bytecode that does not rely on the synchronized construct", David Clarke, Tim Miller and Antonette Mendoza

"Transformation of Flash files to HTML5 and JavaScript", Yogesh Maheshwari and Y. Raghu Reddy

"The Software Developer Cycle: Career demographics and the market clock (or, is SQL the new COBOL?)", David Parsons, Teo Susnjak and Anuradha Mathrani

"MC/DC Test Case Generation Approaches for Decisions", Sekou Kangoye, Alexis Todoskoff and Mihaela Barreau

"Threshold-based prediction of schedule overrun in software projects", Morakot Choetkiertikul, Hoa Khanh Dam and Aditya Ghose

"Efficient Testing based on Logical Architecture", Huai Liu, Maria Spichkova, Heinz Schmidt, Andreas Ulrich, Horst Sauer and Jan Wieghardt

"Reporting Usability Defects: Limitations of Open Source Defect Repositories and Suggestions for Improvement", Nor Shahida Mohamad Yusop, John Grundy and Rajesh Vasa


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