Keynote 2 - The nexus of data quality and business value
Session 6 - Industry Papers + Invited papers from ICSE'15

"Scyllarus: From Research to Commercial Software", Nariman Habili and Jeremy Oorloff

"Service Oriented Architecture and Distributed Computing using LASAGNE", Jonathan Boan, Derek Dominish and Garry Brown

"Software Engineering Multi-Agent Simulations for Computational Operations Research: Challenges and Lessons from 20 Years of Practice", Michael Papasimeon, Kevin McDonald and Lyndon Benke

"StressCloud: A Tool for Analysing Performance and Energy Consumption of Cloud Applications", Feifei Chen, John Grundy, Jean-Guy Schneider, Yun Yang and Qiang He

Keynote 3 - Big data disrupts, except when it doesn't
Keynote 4 - How Enterprise Architecture can help Software Engineering
Keynote 5 - Engineering and Entrepreneurial Software Architecture
Session 7 - Invited papers from ICSE'15

"Chiminey: Reliable Computing and Data Management Platform in the Cloud", I. Yusuf, I. Thomas, M. Spichkova, S. Androulakis, G. Meyer, D. Drumm, G. Opletal, S. Russo, A. Buckle and H. Schmidt

Keynote 6 - Unlocking the Value from BigData - Practical Use cases from Various Sectors
Panel - Engineering Secure Software Systems - Emerging Threats and Resilient Solutions

Emerging Threats and Resilient Solutions Panel

Chaired by: Ingo Weber
Panelists:- Duncan Fletcher
- Anna Liu
- Awais Rashid


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